Inges Wrappers for S4PE - updated for Pools patch by Inge

As I have decided to come partly out of retirement and write some wrappers, I decided to publish and maintain what I make myself, so as to remove some of the load from Kuree.

1.Move s4pi.CatalogResource.dll out of the s4pe folder (keep it safe just in case)
2.Unzip IJ_S4CatalogResource.7z  and drop IJ_S4CatalogResource.dll into your s4pe folder.

This version includes:
CBLK Blocks 0x07936CE0
CCOL Columns 0x1D6DF1CF
CFEN Fence 0x0418FE2A
CFLR FloorCovering 0xB4F762C9
CFLT FloorTrim 0x84C23219
CFND Foundation 0x2FAE983E
CFRZ Frieze 0xA057811C
CFTR FountainTrim 0xE7ADA79D
COBJ NormalObject 0x319E4F1D
CPLT PoolTrim 0xA5DFFCF3
CRAL Railings 0x1C1CF1F7
CRPT RoofPatterns 0xF1EDBD86
CRTR RoofTrim 0xB0311D0F
CSPN Spandrel 0x3F0C529A
CSTL Style 0x9F5CFF10
CSTR Stairs 0x9A20CD1C
CTPT TerrainPaint 0xEBCBB16C
CWAL WallCovering 0xD5F0F921
CXTR ExteriorTrim 0x84C23219
STRM StyledRoom 0x74050B1F

Download the wrapper
Download the source
Also available for your convenience: An updated version of the Extensions.dll which puts the 4-letter "TAG" on the s4pe resource list
Download the Extensions dll

To use these files, simply un7z them and drop into your s4pe folder.  Then go into Settings -> ManageWrappers and whereever you see an entry where one begins IJ_ in the File column, make sure its the only one handling any resource type, by disabling any that clash.

Credit to Snaitf for discovering which of the UNKN resources do various things :D

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