[ITF] Stasis Chamber Doesn't Drain Witch Magic - Quantum Power Pack by Nona Mena

If you've got the Stasis Chamber that came with the Quantum Power Pack (pre-order/Limited Edition gift), you might have noticed that your witches suffer from magic fatigue when they go into stasis. This is due to an oversight by the coders (or maybe they realized it would happen, but didn't think it was a big deal), which causes the magic fatigue motive to be maxed when using the stasis chamber. At max magic fatigue, the witch magic bar is empty.

This mod sets magic fatigue back to -100 when your sim exits the stasis chamber, so your witch's magic bar will be full when exiting stasis. Note that magic power will remain depleted while the sim is inside the stasis chamber. A proper fix for this can only be done with a scripting mod, and I don't really feel like making one for this.

Note: You MUST have the Quantum Power Pack set, which is a pre-order/Limited Edition gift for Into the Future, in order for this mod to work. It will NOT add the item to your game.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Important Details:
Please report any problems that you encounter with this mod.

And just because it's too funny, here's a picture of this sim in the chamber:

Nona_StasisChamber_ReplenishWitchMagic | (mirror)

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