Hypochondriac Trait (Scripting Mod) [For Testing] - A Simlogical First by Sims MX

This mod adds a new custom trait for your Sims: Hypochondriac. This trait is available for teen and older Sims and can be found in the Lifestyle trait category.


Hypochondriac Sims may believe they suffer from one of the following diseases:

Athlete's FootTaking a shower or bath on community lots
Bubonic PlaguePlaying with rodents
Bone FractureSlipping, dropping pet stone on foot, falling from trampoline, getting mauled by bear
DiabetesDrinking honey, soda, nectar, or juice or eating candy
Genetic DisorderResearching symptoms on the computer, waking up
Mad CowEating beef-based meals
Parrot FeverPlaying with birds
PneumoniaGetting wet or cold
RashChecking self for rashes, getting fleas or itchy
SalmonellosisPlaying with reptiles, getting kissed/bitten by a snake, eating egg-based meals
Skin CancerGoing outside on a sunny day without a parasol
Typhoid FeverEating food from the food truck

Each disease is represented by a custom moodlet, some of them even have custom icons!

Note: I accept disease/trigger suggestions. Post them so I can check if they're viable and add them to the mod.


There are new interactions exclusive to Hypochondriac Sims.

They will be able to Get Medical Advice (§500) and Buy Prescription Drugs (§1000) from the hospital. If Ambitions is installed, the prescription drug will be added to the Sim's inventory so they can decide when to take it. These drugs can have unfortunate adverse reactions, so make sure your Sims use them only if they are anxious.

Getting medical advice won't always reassure your Sims. Most times hypochondriacs will disbelieve the advice of their physician!

Hypochondriac Sims are also be able to Research Symptoms in the computer. This helps them calm down as they realize they're healthy, but they might also find a new disease!

If Generations is installed, Sims are also able to Check Themselves for Rashes. This interaction can be performed on any mirror or vanity dresser.


This mod adds two new social interactions:


This mod includes three custom dreams:

This scripting mod was compiled against patch 1.55. It does not override game tunings, so it should be compatible with any scripting, tuning, or core mod.

From Simlogical (~85 KB).

2013.6.9: Release.
2013.6.18: Hypochondriacs are now immune to flu (requires Seasons).

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