s3su_12-0902-1440 by peter

This thread is for people wanting to test at the bleeding edge of development.  There currently is no stable version of this tool.  (I've decided to deprecate the old version entirely.)

Edit by Inge:  I have decided this is stable.

Any questions regarding the behaviour of this release should be posted as replies below.

Bug reports for this version in this thread please!

Illustrated guide at http://dino.drealm.info/den/denforum/index.php?topic=875.0

Equally as important, post if it's all working perfectly...

s3su_12-0902-1440.exe - Windows Easy Installer version

s3su_12-0902-1440.7z - Unpack-It-Yourself version

Change Summary
THIS IS A .Net4 RELEASE but you should all have that by now for s3pe...

Prompt before overwriting a Sims3Pack when repacking from XML.
Prompt before overwriting individual files on Unpack.
Fill in default output path on Unpack (to be folder containing Sims3Pack).
Deciding the default target name for Repack rewritten to simply take the containing folder, which is likely where the Sims3Pack came from.
Updated installer "Help" URL (in Windows control panel Programs & Features thing - you'll never use it but it's good to have it right...).

Change History
Two become three become one.  It's very deep.
The packing from scratch and repacking an unpacked .Sims3Pack are now separate activities.
You can associate the program with Sims3Packs (to unpack them), Packages (to pack them) and Xml files (to repack, if it's the right content of course).
As we only understand catalogue resource-type stuff, that's all packing from scratch now lets you do.

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