Package Viewer by Kuree

A totally new package viewer which enables you inspect the inside world of either an object package, or a create-a-sim package.

FIVE Main Features Why You Should Try It

1. Detecting the type of packages
It will show you the type of package it has and whether it has several items doesn't matter.

2. Thumbnail Support
It can read your cache now. As long as the you keep your thumbnail package save and sound, you will see all you want.

3. Package Status Support
Red or Green block to show whether it has been disabled by the program. Full control of your packages!.

4. Packages Outside CC Folder Support
Just tell the program where you want to inspect, and here they come!

5. Corrupted Package Detection Support
It will show you a bad package wherever it is.

Download It

It's a self-extracting archive, so you need to run it and choose where to un-pack

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