s3se STBL Editor by Inge

This is a complete redesign and rebranding of the tool we took over from Jonha.  It has many improvements and new features including compatibility with Nraas Packer by Twallan as well as with s3pe STBL format.

You can create new STBL sets and new strings across all languages and the creation of a new string allows you to hash a key on the fly as well as generating random GUID or allow manual GUID setting and changing if you prefer.

A browser-displayed help system is included, a copy of which you can see here, to help you decide whether to download.

Download links
Unpack it yourself: s3se_13-0512-1720.7z
Installer: s3se_13-0512-1720.exe
(For those of you who already had s3Translate, please note this rebranded tool does NOT replace it or install over it - so you will have both installed if you do not purposefully uninstall s3Translate)

See Sourceforge for the sourcecode

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