TSR Workshop 1.2.7+ se3pePlugin 201201281239 (Updated 20 February 2012) by Peter

Uncompress the attached .7z file and put the DLL into TSR Workshop's "plugins" folder.  Please remove the old plugin DLLs.

The way to use this from Workshop is:
1) use the "Edit" menu
2) choose "Project Contents"
3) Right-click on the resource you want to edit choose "Edit" again
4) select "Open as package in s3pe".
5) s3pe will open with just that resource in it as a temporary package.  Work on the resource as you normally would in s3pe.  When you save and close the temp package, the edited resource will be automatically imported back to your Workshop project.

Change log
Updated for Net4 installation and removal of 32/64 split.


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