Hospital Overhaul (Scripting Mod)

Abortion & Deworming

This mod allows Sims to end their pregnancy at the hospital and the criminal warehouse. It also allows infested male Sims to be dewormed at the science facilities. Below are the costs of this procedure and its success chance depending on the rabbit hole:

Rabbit HoleCostSuccess Chance*
1st trimester2nd trimester3rd trimester
Criminal Warehouse§87590%70%50%
Science Lab§3848100%92%85%

*An unsuccesful abortion results in the birth of a ghost baby†. Male Sims give birth to an alien ghost baby parasite.

†You can download an optional tuning package to prevent the birth of ghost babies. Instead your Sim will be permanently sterilized.

» A note on abortion «

I know late-term abortion is dangerous and controversial. Please note that I only included this option because pregnancies are very short in this game and it's easy to miss the 1st trimester. Remember it's just a game! ;)

Assisted Suicide

This mod allows Sims to "go home." Elders, Unlucky Sims and Sims in a negative mood may be assisted with suicide at the hospital. You can choose their death style and their tombstone:

  • Flat Marker (§0)
  • Stone Plate (§100)
  • Obelisk (§400)
  • Sarcophagus - Plain (§800)
  • Sarcophagus (§1000)
  • Blessed Sarcophagus of the Kings (§4000)
  • Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings (§4000)

If you choose a sarcophagus, the Sim will be mummified and the sarcophagus will be placed in the family inventory.

Donation Services

This mod allows Sims to Donate Plasma and Donate Eggs/Sperm at the hospital. While plasma and egg donors receive a fixed amount for their donation (§100 and §250 respectively), sperm donors are payed based on the quality of their sperm. A "Horrifying"sperm sample is worth §30 whereas a "Perfect"one can be sold for §100. The sperm quality is determined by the Sim's weight, fitness, traits, and moodlets.

  • If Late Night or Supernatural are installed, donated plasma is handed to thirsty vampires around the neighborhood.
  • Egg and sperm samples are kept at the hospital. To clear them, sell the hospital using Build/Buy Mode's Hand Tool.
  • Egg and sperm donation is autonomous. The hospital should be filled in no time.
  • Sims in university can donate their gametes at the College Of Sciences.

In Vitro Fertilization & Alien Implantation

This mod allows female Sims to be impregnated at the hospital with a sperm and egg sample of their choice. It also allows male Sims to be infested with an alien parasite at the science lab.

Before the impregnation, a "Create a Baby"dialog will pop up. In it you are required to choose the sperm donor. Additionally you have the option to choose an egg donor or the sex of the baby. Note that sex selection will increase the bill by §750. Below are the costs of the procedure:

Rabbit HoleCostCan Select SexCan Choose Donor
Science Lab§8658NoNoNo

» Sperm quality «

Sperm quality determines the success chance of the process: the better the quality, the greater the chance to have a baby. If the process fails, your Sim will be refunded 60% of the total bill.

» PlantSims «

This mod handles PlantSims differently. For instance, PlantSim sperm will always turn into a Forbidden Fruit of the same quality of the sperm sample. This will also happen if a female PlantSim is impregnated. This means that the only way for PlantSims to procreate is to look for a surrogate mother or harvest a baby from the soil.

PlantSims born from the soil are programmed to have only one parent (the Sim that harvested them). This mod includes a fix for this, so when a married Sim harvests a PlantSim baby, their spouse will also be listed as the newborn's parent!

Sex Reassignment

This mod allows Sims to have a sex reassignment surgery. This interaction will turn a male Sim into a female Sim and vice versa. The cost of this procedure is §6250.

» A note on sex reassignment «

Sex reassignment has been oversimplified due to the game's limitations. Please note that this is not an accurate representation of the real life procedure that some trans people undergo. If you can spare a few minutes, I recommend you to play Dys4ia, an autobiographical indie game about hormone replacement therapy and the life of a trans woman. ;)


This mod allows Sims to be sterilized. Male Sims can get a vasectomy for §250 and females can have their tubes tied for §1100.

Even if your Sim has been sterilized, they will still have the option to Try for Baby. Don't worry, they won't have a baby no matter how much they try.

To reverse sterilization, have your Sim buy the Fertility Treatment lifetime reward.


This mod allows couples and single Sims to look for a surrogate mother to carry their baby. To arrange a surrogate pregnancy, your Sim can:

  • Ask to Be Surrogate Mother to a friend. If she accepts, they will head to the hospital to choose a sperm donor and get the fertilization started.
  • Look for a Surrogate Mother at the hospital. If a suitable surrogate is found, she will be impregnated right away.

The cost of surrogacy is §10,600. This includes in vitro fertilization.

» Looking for a surrogate mother «

Not every couple can arrange a surrogate pregnancy. Before looking for a surrogate mother, make sure your Sim:

  • Is unable to bear a child:
    • Single Sims
    • Same-sex couples
    • Couples with at least one mummy, SimBot, imaginary friend, lamp genie, or zombie
  • Has not had kids taken by the social worker
  • Is not a registered sex offender (Awesomemod only)

» Asking someone to be a surrogate mother «

To find a suitable surrogate mother, your Sim must befriend a female Sim that matches the following criteria:

  • Be young adult or adult
  • Have not worked in the Criminal career
  • Do not dislike children
  • Do not be a tourist, service NPC or alien NPC
  • Do not have an assigned role
  • Do not be a mummy, SimBot, imaginary friend, lamp genie, zombie, or PlantSim
  • Have not had kids taken by the social worker
  • Do not be a registered sex offender (Awesomemod only)

Ultrasound Scanning

This mod allows pregnant Sims to know the gender of their baby and whether their pregnancy is multiple by getting an ultrasound scan at the hospital. To select this interaction Sims must be in the 2nd or 3rd of their pregnancy.

Once Sims know the gender of their baby, it can't be changed by eating apples or watermelons. However, the chance of having twins or triplets can be changed since the number of babies is determined during the birth sequence.

Please note that the hospital is not equipped to determine the gender of an alien parasite.

Veterinary Services

With this mod Sims can have their pets neutered at the equestrian center. Neutered pets will be able to try for baby, but their efforts will be fruitless. To revert neutering, buy the "Fertility Treatment"reward.

SpeciesCostInteraction Length
HorseN/A§100N/A2 h
Cat§40§351 h3 h
Dog§90§651 h3 h
Little Dog§75§551 h3 h