Variable Career Metrics (Scripting/Tuning Mod) by Sims MX

This mod modifies the career metrics of the Music, Science, Forensic Analyst and Art Appraiser careers.

Sims in the Science career can now increase their job performance with any of the following skills: Gardening, Handiness, Fishing, Logic, Inventing, Science, and Alchemy.

Mix 'n' match!

Likewise, Sims in the Art Appraiser career can improve their performance by building Painting, Street Art or Sculpting skill.

Sims can also improve their performance in the Music career by learning any music skill: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Violin or even Snake Charming!

Finally, Sims in the Forensic Analyst Law Enforcement branch may improve their Sculpting and Science skills (instead of Painting and Logic, respectively) to progress.

This scripting mod contains tuning for the Careers XML. It will conflict with other mods that edit that resource*.

This mod was compiled against patch 1.50.

*If you're using Awesomemod, download the Awesome version and install it on a folder with higher priority than your Awesomemod install folder.


Awesome or standard version from Simlogical (~43 KB)

2013.3.22: Release.
2013.3.27: Sims in the Forensic Law Enforcement branch may now increase their performance with Sculpting and Science skills.
2013.5.31: Sims in the Music career may now improve their performance by building the Violin skill.

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