Buy Pets at the… Pet Shop! (Scripting Mod) by Sims MX

This mod allows Sims to buy minor pets, fish, bugs, spirit jars, pet stones, etc. at the Limited Edition Pet Shop.

Fish that cannot be found in the grocery store (e.g., Linckia Starfish) and minor pets that need to be caught (e.g., Chameleon) have a higher price than usual.

Note: Not all minor pets, bugs, and fish can be bought at the store (full list below).

This scripting mod contains tuning for the ShopTabs XML. It may conflict with other mods that edit that resource, such as BlackCat007's Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul*.

This mod was compiled against patch 1.55. It requires the Limited Edition Pet Shop.

*anak_ponti has been kind enough to point a workaround for this conflict.

From Simlogical (~11 KB).

2013.3.17: Release.
2013.3.21: Added optional tuning to keep EA's original tabs. Re-download if you'd like to use this tuning.
2013.6.18: Added Island Paradise fish.

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