University Manager by Kuree[Script Mod] by Kuree

I made this against university pack and set a test about the installation, so if you don't have university pack, you won't see the interactions.

Interactions Introduced In
1. Get Text Book.
Sometimes because of a bug, sim won't get necessary textbook in university. This interaction will let your sim get all the textbooks. Your sim can also read them for fun.

2. Grant Degree
Grant all credits and degrees in university with any grade. Want to be a superman in university? Please try this one!

3. Play Gangnam Style
Why can't sim play Gangnam Style? My sim needs style! Introduce three type of dancing, which is only circumscribed to Mascot.

4. Upgrade to Smartphone and Unlock All Smartphone Skins
Customizing your smartphone from now on! In addition, if your sim doesn't have it due to bug, you can also use this interaction to switch to smartphone.

5. Become PlantSim
Your sim needs a new occult now.

6. Get University Gnome
If you have a special habit collecting gnomes, please use this interaction to get one.

Set Performance
You can modify your academic performance when your sim hang out with other sims and has no time study.

Now dancing

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