Human Life Span for Supernatural Sims [1.48-1.67] by Gurra

This mod is now primarily hosted at ModTheSims:

Are you tired of your Vampires, Unicorns, Genies, Werewolves and Fairies living such long lives? Well, I was too, so here is a mod that changes that!

What does it do?
In the unmodded game these occults have a longer life span as YAs and older. Vampires' and Fairies' life span are multiplied by 5, Unicorns' by 3, Genies' by 2 and Werewolves' by 1.5.

With this mod all those multipliers have been set to 1, giving them a just as long life as a normal Sim or Horse.

Technical Stuff
Made with game version 1.48, and works for all version up to and including 1.67.

This mod alters the AgingManager XML which means any other mod altering this XML will conflict with this mod. The mod is functional no matter what EPs you own so even if you for example don't have Supernatural you can still use this mod to shorten the life span for your Vampires, Unicorns and Genies.


Less Long Life Span for Supernatural Sims [1.48-1.67]
I also made a flavor of this mod that keeps the occults' life spans longer but not as long as the original. ONLY HAVE ONE OF THE PACKAGES IN YOUR GAME AT THE SAME TIME.

If you download this version the life span multipliers will be:
Vampires and Fairies (3), Unicorns (2), Genies (1.5), Werewolf (1.25).

Download Less Long Life Span Flavor!

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