Hobo Collection by Zedrael Featuring Trashcan Script by simsmx by Zedrael

Everything you need to start a homeless sim lot:

Included in the zip files are the cardboard box, the shopping cart, the potty buckets (sitting and standing versions), the cinderblocks, the trashcan (with script by simsmx), Dr. Simmer soda can, used tissue, snack sized potato chips bag, tattered book, paper bag, junk pile, coffee cup, toilet paper and newspaper box liner.

The shopping cart has lots of slots in the basket and underneath for piling your hobo sims junk in.

Click on the box and select "nap" to have your hobo sim sleep in the box.  (Note:  sim will temporarily sink into the ground when sitting down to nap and when getting up.  This is a known issue that may be fixed in the future.)

The shopping cart is recolorable with one preset.  The cinderblocks are also recolorable with one preset.  Both are shown above.

I made 2 versions of the potty bucket.  One for male sims only, and one for sims that like to sit down to do their business.

And last but not least, the Hobo Trashcan with scripting by simsmx!  Recolorable with 6 presets:

Sims can look for food in the trashcan every 6 hours. Most of the time Sims will find food (Unlucky Sims have a harder time finding food). The food ranges from Foul to Neutral quality depending on the recipe. Additionally, Sims can find poisoned apples, pizza, cake, cheese, honey, and dried food.  This function is autonomous, but you can click on the trashcan with the selected sim and choose to have them rummage for food (it will be grayed out if it's been less than 6 hours since the last dig).  Some of the items found are not edible, but will show in your sims inventory and can be sold for simoleans, so your sim can go buy a hamburger or something.

i suggest cmo's Cigarette/Smoking mod,  cmo's Barrel o' Fire (available at MTS) & my new Boozebottle to compliment this collection.

Thank you to simsmx for the wonderful script modding! 

These are NOT replacement objects, they are original meshes and textures.  These items can be found in buymode:  Deco/misc.  The Cardboard box can also be found in beds, the trashcan in appliances, The potty buckets in toilets, & the shopping cart in outdoor/lawn ornaments.

UPDATE:  Hobo Trashcan - Please re-download and replace this file if you have already downloaded this object:

Changes include:
- Minor bug fix caused by traveling (discovered this on my first UL experience)
- Rummaging for food raises Rebel Influence just as dumpster diving does
- Rummaging for food is registered in the "skill journal" (i.e., smartphone)
- Sims can now find barista bar snacks (e.g., Cheese Danish, Brownie, etc.)
- There's also a slight chance Sims can find a forbidden fruit or the elusive empanada! (The empanada is a "secret" food item that is only awarded to scientists that perform a horticulture experiment)
- There's a new cheat interaction (requires testingcheatsenabled true and shift-clicking) to reset rummage and rummage endlessly if you're feeling cheaty.

Creators:  Please read my usage policy here

Download Cardboard Box
Download Clutter
Download Shopping Cart
Download Cinderblocks
Download Potty Bucket (standing)
Download Potty Bucket (sitting)
Download Trashcan

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