Super Time-Bomb with Innocent Appearance [Script-Object] by Kuree

Sims' life is too peaceful without any disturbances. Why not give your sim an evil time-bomb which can be even given to another sim when activated?

Yes, this is a timed bomb with teddy bear appearance. Though it's in Kids->Toy ( you can find it there), it doesn't have any toy interaction to keep your kid safe. After activating the bomb, please run away from it, no matter it's on the floor or in another sim's inventory because it hurts.

Four Available Interactions

1. Give to
Only available when you pick it up and it's in your inventory. Please be careful if you try to give activated bomb to another sim because your sim needs to route to the target sim! Don't make the time so short and let the bomb explode in the meantime!

2. Set Time
It's very important because only after your set proper time (please input valid number) can you activate it. Note: it's in sim-minute time

3. Activate
It's dangerous. As long as you click it, you bomb will explode in given time.

4. Pick up
Your sim will route to the bomb and put it in his/her inventory.

Download it

Additional Credits
I want to show my special thanks to you all in chat who encouraged me and gave me suggestions!

It has tuning xml and can be DIY by yourself. Please read the details below

How to tuning it
Open Kuree.Detonator.package via s3pe, you will find the tuning xml.
kChanceToKill means the possibility to kill sim nearby. [0-1]
kKillRange means the radius to kill sim nearby. [>0]
kSingeRange means the radius to singe sim. [>0]

How to DIY your bomb
I made the core script separated, i.e. Kuree.Detonator.package. you can replace the TeddyBear package with whatever you want. However, please make the OBJK refer to Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Miscellaneous.Kuree.Detonator and make sure you have your custom Icon Image in your custom object package with instance hashed by "BombIcon". Resource Type: IMAG 0x2F7D0004 Size and Format: 54x54 PNG Image

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