Ebenezer Pkwy. Station by Gurra

This lot was my submission for the Seasonal Lot Contest, and it ended up third. It is a subway station at a 10x10 lot and its surroundings changes over the year.

Construction Mode

The subway station at Ebenezer Pkwy. is passed by lots of sims every day and while it doesn't look significant more activities than you might think take place here. At the moment something seems to be constructed - to be seen at a later date - but let's take a look around.

A very ordinary subway station one might say and just pass by without having a closer look. At least when there is nothing special going on here, like now. But why not stop here for a while anyway? Just sit on a bench and listen to the noise of the city...

Uh-oh someone seems to have died right at this place. Electricity can be dangerous, remember that!


In the summer, a concession stand is open to sell food to those passing by in the heat. Maybe cool drinks too.


When September comes around the local Gardening Club is holding their annual Pumpkin Festival right outside the station. Pumpkins for everyone and a pie eating contest for the bravest!

These streets might not be the most pleasant to walk a late October night though...


During the cold winter one could have a drink at the Penguin Ice Bar. Coffee? Tea? Nectar?

It usually doesn't snow very much in the city but it happens sometimes, and the bar is open no matter the weather!


As life grows back in the city it is time for the Sing for Spring Contest, which is held at the Ebenezer Pkwy. Station. Who will win this year?

This lot uses content from:
- World Adventures
- Ambitions
- Late Night
- Showtime
- Supernatural
- Seasons
- Barnacle Bay
- Deep Freeze Ice Lounge (Seasons Limited Edition)

Lot Size: 10x10


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