909 Plattsedge Blvd - Seasonal Lot by Zedrael

Made for the Simlogical.com Seasonal Lot Contest Dec 2012:

This is the average American middle class home in a small town, with a few small perks that we don't get in real life.

Above we have the front view of the home in winter.  Below is the back yard.

Below is the top view of the layout of the house during the winter season:

This is the top view of the basement layout, which doesn't change much seasonally:

Here we have the front view of the home in spring:

Here is the back yard in Spring time:

Below we have the top view of the home with spring decor:

This is the front view during the summer season:

Now the backyard in summer:

Top view with summer decor in the home:

Front view of the home in the fall:

Backyard in the fall (I do so love halloween, as you can tell!)

And of course the top view of the fall seasonal layout:

This is a flat lot:

This lot may require the following EP/SP's:
Late Night
Master Suite Stuff
Town Life Stuff

I have Nona's Candle mod installed (because it's terribly cute) Nona_CandleMeditate_V3

This is a store content item I have on the lot.  It's not a big deal if you don't download it, but it will be missing if you don't:  Hibiscus with Blue Flowers (EA Store Content)

You will need to install the following custom content for it to show properly before downloading this lot:

cmomoney_CigaretteMod on MTS
Hair Dryer by Zedrael
FoodDeco by Zedrael
Dinner Plates by Zedrael
Bowls by Zedrael
Coffee Cups by Zedrael
Cuttingboard by Zedrael
Oval Serving Plate by Zedrael
Food Deco2 by Zedrael part1
Food Deco2 by Zedrael part2
Breakfast Food by Zedrael
Dinner Food2 by Zedrael
Raw Food by Zedrael
Sweets by Zedrael
Pitchfork by Zedrael
FoodDeco4 by Zedrael
Misc. Dishes by Zedrael
Pumpkin Pie by Zedrael
New Years Party Objects by Zedrael
Furnace by Zedrael
Water Heater by Zedrael
Misc. Tools by Zedrael

Thank you to the creators of these items :)

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