The Festival Hall by charlottabean

My Lot

My Lot is a Flea Market of sorts, with different stalls to go with each season. Every  season there are activities, stalls, relaxation areas and a food court.

I'm not going to add photos of the stalls cause I want that to be a surprise! :P
The Outside in Summer:

The Outside in Autumn:

The Outside in Winter:

The Outside in Spring:

This lot will work best with Ani's Shop for Clothes Mod and Ani's Shop from Inventory Mod.

I am patched to 1.42. ( duh )
I used no CC.
I used no Store Stuff.
I used no Stuff Packs.
Expansion Packs: World Adventures + Ambitions + Generations + Pets + Supernatural + Seasons

Here is the download link:

If that doesn't work (it's my first time uploading) You can get it from the exchange:

Please tell me if you find routing issues, although I have tested it.

ps. It might have cc in it, if I made a blunder. If something looks weird, tell me, it's probably cc.

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