How to Make an ITUN for a Custom Interaction by Nona Mena

Making an ITUN for a custom interaction is really easy. Here are the basics :)

Step One: Using S3PE, search the GameplayData.package for an already existing ITUN that may be usable for your custom interaction. For example, for my Breastfeed interaction, I used the GiveBottle_Sim ITUN as the template for my own ITUN.

Step Two: Copy this ITUN to your mod's package file. You can use right-click copy & paste, or export to file and import the file into your mod's package.

Step Three: Give the resource a new Instance ID. The instance ID can be a hash of anything, just make sure that it is unique.

Step Four: Right click the ITUN and use Text Editor/Notepad. Update the Interaction name, Object name, CodeVersion name, and the Tradeoff name in the ITUN to match your new interaction.

Step Five: Update the <Output></Output> area to provide the motive changes and advertisement levels that you want.

Save your package and you're done. Nice work. Go test it out in game!

You can further modify the ITUN to your liking by altering any of the other flags, such as AgeSpecies, SkillTreshhold, MoodThreshhold, etc. More information on those flags can be found in the ITUN Modding Discussion.

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