Easy CASP Editor[upgrade 5/10] by Kuree

This program is intended to give a chance for players to make their own override mod about stuff in CAS. By default, when you run the program, it will read all your installed custom content in DCcache(i.e. *.dbc). You can switch to your installed EA pack folder by selecting different item in combobox at the corner. It will automatically record the changes you make. So you can just click File->Save to have your package;it will only generate package with your changed item, not all :). In addition, if you simply close the program without saving it, the program will remind you to save.

How to use it
1. Un-zip it and throw it into any folder (no mater where it is, but you need to keep all dll and exe together).
2. It'll show all the installed content in dbc by default, which means ebc(store content) cannot show in my program.
3. When all the images have been shown, click the image you want to edit.
4. You can use two combobox below to choose packs and sort the images.
5. Then do whatever you like and have fun! ;D

It now will generate a package with users'name (you can change it in setting) in your package folder in MODs.

It has both EN and CN languages now!

Download It

Special thanks to peter and OmegaStarr

*Edit:New Version


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