Meditate by Candlelight V4 by Nona Mena

This is a pure script mod that adds a "Meditate" interaction to all candles, including the Mood Lite candle (Base Game).

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Important Details:



Additional Credits: Zedrael for being my guinea pig. Inge & Peter Jones for helping me with the NGMP stuff. misu for sharing what she knwos about NGMPs, too. cmo because he is so smart and figured I messed up my clips without me having to say anything. orangemittens for the encouragement. blue, shimrod and tessa for some feedback about mod types. caterpillar for her feedback on skill gain modifiers, and everyone else in Simlogical chat. Thanks, guys!

Please report any problems that you encounter with this mod.

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