[SEAS] Buyable Bunch o' Gifts (Gift Pile) by Nona Mena

This mod unlocks the Bunch o' Gifts (aka Gift Pile) in buy mode, so your sims can buy their own Gift Pile for their family without having to throw a party.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Important Details:


The Object:

Note: The "Call Everyone" interaction will not appear if there is not enough space around the Gift Pile! Make sure you leave enough room around the Gift Pile so sims can interact with the object.

TIP: Improve this object with my Gift Pile Tweaks mod

Feel free to ask for another flavor.

Please report any problems that you encounter with this mod.

Use only one!
Nona_BuyableGiftPile | (mirror)
Nona_BuyableGiftPile_HalfPrice - Gift pile costs 125§ | (mirror)
Nona_BuyableGiftPile_500 - Gift pile costs 500§ (twice as much) | (mirror)
Nona_BuyableGiftPile_1000 - Gift pile costs 1000§ (4x as much) | (mirror)

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