Chinese Rabbitholes by Gurra

I'm working on a Chinese island world and for that project I wanted to have all the rabbitholes but I had limited space and wanted to stick to the Asian theme. So I thought... how do I do that. And this was my solution! I cloned the Chinese Mausoleum from Shang Simla and made several rabbitholes from it and here they are. Feel free to use them!

Buildings included:
- Arboretum (Palace Penjing Garden)
- Bookstore/Day Spa (Imperial Bathhouse and Bookstore)
- Business/Bistro (Imperial Affairs Office and Restaurant)
- City Hall/Police/Military (Emperor's Chambers)
- Criminal Hideout/Theatre (Amber Island Theatre)
- Diner/Supermarket (Fishmonger's Shop)
- Gypsy Caravan (Chapel of Mysteries)
- Hospital/Science Lab (Imperial Health Institute)
- School/Stadium (Amber Island Martial Arts Academy)
- Subway (Subway)
- Vault of Antiquity (Palace Archives)

The buildings are named in a way that some of them are referring to my world in progress, since that is what they were made for, but that's just as bothersome as the Pets City Hall being named "Appaloosa Plains Civic Center".

EP Requirements
Most of the rabbit holes should be base game compatible except for:
- Subway requires LN
- Arboretum, Gypsy Caravan, and Vault of Antiquity requires SN

Please report to me if you encounter any problems.

Download links
- Download ALL rabbitholes -

Download the rabbitholes separate:
- Arboretum
- Bookstore/Day Spa
- Business/Bistro
- City Hall/Police/Military
- Criminal Hideout/Theatre
- Diner/Supermarket
- Gypsy Caravan
- Hospital/Science Lab
- School/Stadium
- Subway
- Vault of Antiquity

If you want the old non-updated rabbitholes (these have no animated door), get them here:
- All rabbitholes - OLD VERSION

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