Rainbow's End by Ghost

Rainbow's End is a 30x30 Community lot built on a flat lot.  It has a year round fire pit, along with a couple of chess tables, a guitar, an easel, and a fountain which people toss coins into. (Ok, you never see anyone tossing the coins, but you can dive in and occasionally collect them. :) ) It also has CyberBob's Beam Me anywhere, in case your ogre of a boss thinks that you have better things to do than to spend all day in the park.

In winter there are hot drinks available, and the fire pit is screened to help keep chilly winds at bay.

In spring it is used as a wedding venue, with a few things available to keep the kids entertained. Some Soulpeace statues lend a touch of elegance and magic.

In summer it is a location for fun in the sun. There are things to keep people of all ages entertained.  Some life fruit may grow where the soulpeace statues stood.

In fall, there is a harvest festival and nectar competition. There is also a cart and some hay for a hayride, and some more things for the kids to do. Life fruit may still be found here.

(And a shot of the Construction)

Custom Content: Inge's pay buffet table (so one person isn't paying out of pocket for the whole town) http://www.den.simlogical.com/denforum/index.php?topic=1157.0
CyberBob's Beam me anywhere http://www.den.simlogical.com/denforum/index.php?topic=1011.0
CyberBob's Outdoor Shower http://www.den.simlogical.com/denforum/index.php?topic=1129.0
Flowered grass from the Faerie grass set by Ghost (And possibly some small spots where others from that set were used.) http://customsims3.com/forums/thread-80.html
Recolor of the bucket of flowers and recolor of the flowered sign, by Ghost http://customsims3.com/forums/thread-1829-post-15211.html#pid15211

I don't have Seasons, so I would like this to be tested for me.


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