Save Cleaner V2.2 by Kuree

This tool is intended for players, which will clean unnecessary things in the save files. Don't be afeard becaue it has been used by more than one thousand people. However, I still strongly recommend that you need to backup your save ;D.

I have collected enough information that it will shrink the save around 30% off, and well boost your save loading. The time shortened is not clear because it will depend your PC.

How to use it.
Choose your save from the box, then click clean. If you have disable memory during your play, you can use clear memory.

How it works:
1. It will delete all the SNAP TS3 created for each sim in the game. However, the game itself will not delete these images even though they are no longer in use and that's part of reason why the save is so big. Don't be panic! When you play the game, TS3 will re-generate all the necessary SNAP.
2. When you travel and come back, all your memory is backup but not deleted. Consequently, your save have many duplicated pics. It will delete these duplicated images without influencing your save.

Since I use peter's s3pi library, you need to have .NET4.0 Framework to run it.
Zip Version
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Self Extract Archive Version
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Fixed Steam version registry problem and adding items problem.

Thanks to peter, Inge, and andrew, I finally made this program. :-*

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