Shang Simla Festival by Gurra

The festival has arrived to Shang Simla! Come down to Emperor's Plaza for a day of fun and traditions - you won't regret it. :D

To play this you need: World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Pets and Seasons EPs. I have also used Wishing Well and Potter Orchids Divine objects from Store.

NB! The wishing well might not show up on your fall festival. If that is the case, just put down your own or leave it out.


- First of all, you need twallan's Traveler mod to use this lot as intended. By EA default, seasons don't exist in WA worlds and festival grounds can't be placed.
- When you have installed the mod you must travel with an actual sim to China (you can't do it via Edit Town, sorry).
- When there, left-click on the base camp in map view and choose: NRaas/Traveler.../Treat As Vacation which by default is True, which will change it into False. Right now, the game believes you're not on vacation.
- Go into Edit Town and bulldoze the Emperor's Plaza lot. You might want to save it to lot bin in case you want to use the original lot later.
- Place the Shang Simla Festival on the lot.
- Leave Edit Town and go back to game mode. Now you can click on base camp and set Treat As Vacation back to true.

Chunjie Festival - Spring Festival (Spring)

A new year is here and Shang Simla is celebrating! Visit the festival market, get your face painted, shoot some fireworks and dance for the year-to-come. Happy New Year!

Duanwu Festival - Dragon Boat Festival (Summer)

The sun is at its strongest and the Dragon Boat Festival is upon us. Feel the dragon inside you and enjoy summer activies like martial arts, eating contests and more.

Zhongqui Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival (Fall)

We had a good harvest this year, and the autumn full moon is near. Let's celebrate our luck and pray for a good future.

Dongzhi Festival - Winter Solstice Festival (Winter)

Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year but as of today it will just get lighter and lighter for every day that goes... many might be home celebrating with their families on this very day but why not come down to the festival?

If you have any questions or if there is any step you don't understand, don't hesitate to post a reply and ask!

Also, please report any errors with the lot since testing all four seasons might have made me miss something. Let's hope not, though.

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