Champs Les Sims Castle Festival by Gurra

Welcome to the Champs Les Sims Castle Festival!

This is a Festival Grounds lot for France, that is made to replace the vacation home Champs Les Sims Castle. The house itself, and indoor decoration, is a creation by EA, but I have remade the castle yard into a fun festival for all of your sims who visit France.

Required EPs: World Adventures, Seasons
I also used the ice bar and barstool from the Seasons Limited Edition content for the winter festival, but if you don't have it it will probably be replaced just like Store content you don't have.


- First of all, you need twallan's Traveler mod to use this lot as intended. By EA default, seasons don't exist in WA worlds and festival grounds can't be placed.
- When you have installed the mod you must travel with an actual sim to France (you can't do it via Edit Town, sorry).
- When there, left-click on the base camp in map view and choose: NRaas/Traveler.../Treat As Vacation which by default is True, which will change it into False. Right now, the game believes you're not on vacation.
- Go into Edit Town and bulldoze the Champs Les Sims Castle lot. You might want to save it to lot bin in case you want to use the lot as a vacation home later.
- Change the lot type into Community and place the Champs Les Sims Castle Festival on the lot.
- Leave Edit Town and go back to game mode. Now you can click on base camp and set Treat As Vacation back to true.

If you have any questions or if there is any step you don't understand, don't hesitate to post a reply and ask!

Also, please report any errors with the lot since testing all four seasons might have made me miss something. Let's hope not, though.

Here is a screenshot of where the lot is intended to be placed in Champs Les Sims:

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