Custom Edible Food: Six Raw Meats by Nona Mena

Are your Werewolves tired of hunting so much? Do your Vampires need a change from Plasma Juice, Plasma Juice, More Plasma Juice, and the occasional Plasma Fruit? Give your supernaturals (or even your particularly blood thirsty mortals) a change of pace with these nutritious raw meats.

Note: You must have my Custom Food Script Mod for these foods to function at all. You will not be able to use these foods without my mod.

These objects are compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

This pack of custom edible food contains six different raw meats:
Important Details:Objects:
Note: If you want your non-Vampires and non-Werewolves to be able to eat the raw meats, download and install the optional NonaEdibleFood_RawMeatForAll_Tuning available with my Custom Food Script mod.

Additional Credits: Cmo, for meshing the objects for me. Thank you, cmo! Sandy @ ATS3 for first sharing how she made her own custom edible food. TFM for coming up with the idea of hearts and livers and Vampires. Also, many thanks to Inge, Consort, SimsLover, OM, a,  and Bloom for always providing me with input.

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