Invisible Sim Fixer Mod by Consort

I made a tiny little mod that attempts to fix the new invisible Sim glitch that is haunting some players since the Supernatural patches.

Sometimes you see - or don't see - invisible Sims in the game. Their thought and speech bubbles seem to come out of the ground.

How to use the Mod
-Click on the Floor
-Select "Fix Invisible Sims"

What is the Mod doing?
The mod tells all Sims in a 20 meter radius to change into the outfit category they are currently wearing.
This refresh can take a couple of seconds and hopefully the invisible Sims reappear.

I hope this works for you, please let me know :)

Please Note:
This quick fix specifically addresses the invisibility glitch with the thought-bubbles-out-of-the-ground issue. Sims affected by the glitch are otherwise fine, the game just forgets to render them. This EA bug is new since patch 1.38 (Supernatural).

There are also other categories of invisible Sim bugs. These Sims have broken outfits and need a different remedy.
Twallan's DebugEnabler has a "Fix Invisible Sims" opton for that.
Twallans Dresser has a "Check Outfits" and "Reroll Current outfit" which might also work.
Both can be found here Nraas


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