Coastal Coconut - 2br, 1ba by Gurra

So, EA released the new Blueprint Mode this week which was an interesting feature indeed. This house, Coastal Coconut, is built up by some of these blueprint rooms put together as a proper house and I added a little terrace and a few garden items.

It is mostly base game, except for the treehouse in the back of the garden that requires Town Life Stuff, and a few Sunlit Tides items but those aren't vital. The only items used from Sunlit Tides is the mailbox (which will be replaced with a standard mailbox if you don't have it) and the coconut palms. I have also used a plant from the free Earth Day set on Store.

Lot Size: 50x50
Furnished Cost: §49,185
Unfurnished: §30,463


Beware! Sometimes the roof on this house looks a little silly with tiny holes in it like seen on the screenshot below. When this happens, it is easily solved by going into Build Mode, deleting all roofs, and undo them back again.

Floor plan of the house:

Interior screenshots:

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