How to uninstall s3pe completely for a clean start by Inge

 Often, the problems people have with their s3pe installation are due to the now historical changeover between when there were  seperate 32/64bit versions of s3pe and now when there is only one version. Quite simply some people did not properly clean up the old versions of the tool and the Registry gets confused.

 So if you get strange or obscure problems installing or running s3pe, or the addons you added don't appear to be installed, try the following:

1.   Open your Program Files folder and identify any program folder that looks like it is anything to do with s3pe - they had various names in the past. Open each, and run the executable that begins "uninst" which will be the uninstaller. After that has done everything it wants to, finish by deleting the entire folder manually. You will need admin rights to do this.
2.   Do the same with your Program Files [x86] folder.
3.   When you have uninstalled and got rid of every scrap of s3pe installations, then download and install the latest version. Then download and install any addons, custom wrappers, and helpers you want.

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