Any Game Starter V2.1 by Kuree

This program intends to provide a easy way to manage different extension and stuff packs.From the first version, it provides supports to modders and testers for a faster loading. Now, the second version has strong help for players to manage different
packs and saves.                                               

Screenshot of the program

NOTE: It might be different from yours. ;)

How to use it                                                 
1.Unpack it to wherever you like, as long as keeping all files in the same place.                                           
2.Click the icon or the name of the packs. Make it dark if you do not want it to load with the game.                       
3.Click either button in the game control panel to play Sims 3                                                                 
4.You can also choose to save your profiles by clicking "Save Profile" to save your profile. In addition, "Load Profile" to load your saved profile.                                 
Note: IMPORTANT                                               
Once you save your new game via this program, it's recommended to use "Load Save" in "User Profile Control" and choose the save you want to play. It will disable all other saves for the purpose to keep the saves safe.                               

Download it

Feel free to report bugs or tell me how to improve it.

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