Lunar Lakes missing EP rabbit holes by Darkitow

New Lunar Lakes-style rabbit holes for your Sci-fi world

As anybody who has tried Lunar Lakes might know, this world is awesome but for a single detail: it has only basegame sci-fi themed rabbit holes, which means that we don't have any of the new rabbit holes indroduced in following expansions or the Store. For those like me who want to bring this amazing world up to date, or to use for your sci-fi themed worlds I've created the missing ones. =)

Important details:


Known Issues:

Most of these rabbit holes should work without problems, as the original ones didn't have any function other than letting the sims in. However, there are two of them, the equestrian centre and the film studio, that proved a bit challenging due to their unique features, the first allowing horses in and the later having a movie prop spawning automatically near the building.

If there's any problem with these mods please report them. =)


Science Lab
Film Studio
Equestrian Centre
Gypsy Caravan
Vault of Antiquity
Skydiving Centre

Place these files in your Mods/Packages folder. They should show up in the Build Mode catalog in the Community Lot objects section.

Note: I've taken free license to name the rabbit holes with sci-fi themed names, both in english and spanish. If somebody wants to share the names in any other language so that I might add them to the files feel free to do so. Also, please remind me in case I've forgotten any rabbit hole, so I can look into it.


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