Isle of the Midnight Sun v. 2 - MSC World by Gurra

You don't remember much of what happened but the cruise ship sank, your lifeboat broke, and you ended up here. What a lucky life, don't you think?

This is a tiny island world designed to be used when playing the Midnight Sun Challenge. The rules for this challenge are found here:

In the middle of the ocean this tiny little island holds one 10x10 lot priced ยง13,500 which is the challenge lot. There is also a magnificient palm tree and your broken lifeboat. Sims can go everywhere on the island and the camera can go all over the Tiny-sized map.

The world includes spawners for all base game ocean and deathfish fishing and also a space rock spawner on the island. Look out for those meteors! Due to the small size of this world it loads very fast on most computers.

There are TWO versions of this world, and you'll have to choose either one or the other - they can't be installed at the same time.

Traditional - This is the old version that was originally uploaded, with INI files defining midnight sun as standard time. Download!

Updated - This version is intended to be used by you who either don't want midnight sun or want a more realistic midnight sun using my Sunrise/Sunset Season Offset mod. Download!

If you have the Traditional version you can easily update your world to the Updated version WITHOUT re-installing - this way you can keep on playing your old families without trouble. You can find instructions on how to do this further down.

Good luck playing the Midnight Sun Challenge, and have fun!

How to update Isle of the Midnight Sun v. 2 from Traditional to Updated version
First of all you will need s3pe to do this, you can find the latest version here:

1. In s3pe go File/Open...

2. In the Open package box locate the folder My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Installed Worlds and choose Isle of the Midnight - if you have more than one version of the island installed read note 1 down below.

3. Locate the INI file which Instance is 0x5E20253AF53E517F, right click and choose Notepad in the menu.

4. The INI file will open in Notepad, locate this part of code:

Code: [Select]
SunriseTime = 0.0
SunsetTime = 24.0

and change it to:

Code: [Select]
SunriseTime = 6.0
SunsetTime = 18.0

5. Save the file and close Notepad. s3pe will ask you if you want to commit changes, click Yes.

6. Go File/Save and save the .world file.

7. Update done!

Don't forget to install the Polar version of my Sunrise/Sunset Season Offset mod if you still want midnight sun in the summer.

1 Note that if you have several versions of the world installed (there are three, of which two are open for download) a "{1}" or "{2}" might be in the file name. This is decided by the order in which your worlds were installed. First world installed will have no brackets, second world will have {1}, and third world {2}.

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