Curious House - TS2 to TS3 by Gurra

Do you remember the Curious family from The Sims 2? I liked their odd house and since I was working on a Strangetown for The Sims 3 their house was my first to recreate.

I have tried to stay as close to the original as possible and I like the way it turned out! I would recommend using it in a desert world since that's it's original place to be but I think it fits in (if you could say it fits in anywhere, lol) in any world. I guess Lucky Palms would be a good place since that's the same desert climate as Strangetown in TS2.

I have used content from High-End Loft Stuff, Ambitions, Late Night, Outdoor Living Stuff, Generations and Pets.

I also used two pieces of CC, which are NOT included. You will have to download these yourself, links below. I do recommend downloading this CC, since I used it to make a good replica of the TS2 building.
- Everybody Vauntz from TS3 Store (100 SimPoints) as an individual item or as a part of Collectionne Stäncké set.
- HugeLunatic's one-tile table set Dining for Four from MTS.

Required EP/SP: see list above
Furnished: §89,067
Unfurnished: §59,967
Lot Size: 30x30


Floor plan:

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