Eastport by Gurra

I never seem to finish any huge world projects but here I present to you another small world of mine; Eastport!
This was mainly a place to use some ideas I had for houses, but it's also my first pre-populated world.

Eastport has 9 lots (5 residential, 4 community) and 2 households already living there.
It requires World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night. Some items from Fast Lane Stuff has been used.

Eastport is an island located in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. From being built as a harbour for passing ships,
Eastport has turned into a small city in the middle of nowhere.

Screenshots and Overview of World

Living at Eastport Junkyard, the Smiths have a hard life but they aren't very ashamed of it. Some would call
them disgusting, some would say they're just poor.

Smith's Second-Hand Books is where the Eastporters get their literature, and where Mrs Smith gets her salary.

Harbour Pearl Hotel is the first destination for those who have recently arrived in Eastport. Since travellers
usually don't head to Eastport there are often vacant rooms, but at the moment it's inhabited by flight
officer Marcus Johnson who has been stationed at Eastport Military Base.

East Tradewinds Shipping Co. might not be doing the most legal shipping, but they do have a warehouse in Eastport.

This is Wharf Lane with the local nightclub The Old Warehouse and some houses. Due to the nature of CAW,
the nightclub will play Classical music as a default (even though I chose soul...) you have to edit the lot to
play some music that fit. Go to Edit Town, edit the lot The Old Warehouse, then Shift + Left Click on the
wall stereo and choose which music to be played at the nightclub.

Eastport Military Base is taking up 1/4 of the island and in the backyard is Eastport's only park. Below the
military base is also the Eastport Military School where the kids get their education.

Eastport from above...

To download Eastport, click this link:

Hopefully you will enjoy Eastport as much as I enjoyed creating it. Happy simming! :)

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