Package Compare Utility - Updated 2 November 2012 by Peter

This is a new, simple tool for comparing the content of two packages.

It spots resources present in one package but not the other.
It spots resources present in both packages but where the byte-wise content of the resources differ.
It doesn't parse the resources at all.

Choose the package files, click go, up pop the results.  Or write them to a log file and read at your leisure.  The purpose is, for example, to test what happens when you edit a world (compare .world files "before" and "after").

Any questions regarding the behaviour of this release should be posted as replies below.  Comments on the very long name are welcome.

Bug reports for this version in this thread please!

Equally as important, post if it's all working perfectly...

PackageCompareUtility_12-1102-2138.exe - Windows Easy Installer version

PackageCompareUtility_12-1102-2138.7z - Unpack-It-Yourself version

Change Summary

Now with added (but optional - on your own head be it if turning it on makes it take even more time) resource names.  Blame MDM if the universe collapses.

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