Elm Tree Graveyard by Gurra


I thought I was going to test the world editing in game tools, and I put down a 10x10 lot near the beach in Sunset Valley, and started to build something random. But it turned out as a pretty graveyard that I call Elm Tree Graveyard, and I wanted to share it because I thought anybody else could like it too. It's not a masterpiece, but still...  :)

So, this graveyard is holding a Chinese mausoleum, five graves (WA graves from debug mode, everyone with its own death), a bench, flowers and an elm tree giving shade to the graveyard.

This lot is tested with a sim. I've let her visit the mausoleum, sitting on the bench, walking around, and mourn. So everything should work. This lot needs WA and base game - no custom content has been used.

Some screenshots:

I hope you enjoy my little creation!

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