Fruit Juice Script for your Sims by Nona Mena

This is a custom script for the Drinkable Fruit Juice available at ATS3 (donator's gift). This download does not contain the object. If you want the object in your game, you must either download the Fruit Juice available at ATS3 or make your own.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

This is a scripted object mod and, as such, has no known conflicts. The chances of this mod conflicting with any other mod is next to none.

What is this mod?
Similar to my Custom Food Script, these are brand new script classes, made especially for ATS3's Drinkable Fruit Juice donator's gift. There are currently two scriptclasses available with this mod, but I can easily add more.

Creators: You can create custom fruit juice boxes using this script. Simply change the script class in the OBJK resource to one of the scriptclasses above. Alternatively, you can provide OBJK overrides for users to put in their Overrides folder.  Either way, users will need to download this mod for the object to work.

Users: If you want to change the script class yourself but aren't sure how to do that, you can take a look at my tutorial: How to Change the Script Class of an Object

Why use this script?
To tune the fruit juice, you must change the <kFruitJuiceQualityMultiplier value="2"> field in the FruitJuiceBottle and FruitJuiceBottleHigh XMLs. Open Nona_CustomFruitJuiceScript.package in S3PE or another package editor, and find the FruitJuiceBottle and FruitJuiceBottleHigh XMLs. In S3PE, right-click on the XML and choose NotePad. Then change the value to match the quality you want.

Possible Values:
Known Issues
Distribution Policy
You are free to do with this script as you please, and include it with your objects. However, I highly recommend that you do not redistribute this mod. Not only will this prevent users from accidentally ending up with duplicate XMLs, but it will allow users to be sure that they are always using the most up-to-date version of the script.

1. Download the file and unzip to your Mods\Packages folder, or wherever you keep your mods.
2. Download the OBJK override for ATS3's Drinkable Fruit Juice and place in Mods\Overrides. **You must put the OBJK override in your Overrides folder: How to Create and Use an Overrides folder**

AGAIN: This mod will do absolutely nothing if you have not installed ATS3's Drinkable Fruit Juice. You must download and install this object separately, available at ATS3.

Additional Credits: Many thanks to Ani, who wrote the original Alcohol script. This code is extremely similar to hers, due to the the issue with the EatHeldFood interaction. Also, this mod would not be possible without Sandy's Fruit Juice box! Thanks for being such awesome creators, you two.

Mod | (mirror) - This is the mod. You must download this and put it in Mods\Packages for the mod to work.

OBJK Overrides
Use only one. You must place one of these in your Mods\Overrides folder. | (mirror) - Uses FruitJuiceBottle class (has "Nice" quality as default). | (mirror) - Uses FruitJuiceBottleHigh class (has "Great" quality as default).

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