[PC] Children can use Not So Routine Machine, Teleport works 100% by Nona Mena

I was greatly annoyed that children could not use the Routine Machine, so I went ahead and enabled it. Also, I found it stupid that my sims spent 15,000§ on it and they have to upgrade it for it to always work, so now it has a 100% teleport anywhere chance even without the upgrade.

Note: You MUST have the Not So Routine Machine from the Sims 3 Store in order for this mod to work. It will NOT add the item to your game.

This mod is compatible with patches 1.66 - 1.67.

Flavors and Downloads
Use only one flavor!

Flavor 1 - Nona_RM_TeleportAnyhwere_100.zip – Always 100% chance to Teleport | (mirror)
Flavor 2 - Nona_RM_allChild.zip – Only includes Child can use the Not So Routine Machine. | (mirror)
Flavor 3 - Nona_RM_allChild_100.zip – Child can use the Not So Routine Machine AND always 100% chance to teleport | (mirror)

Note: Children will stretch when they use the Not So Routine Machine. This is a temporary effect and will not harm your game.

Please report any problems you encounter with his mod, and feel free to request other flavors.

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