Instructions for turning any item into a wall object with cutout. by Inge

1.   Clone an end table or similar object that has most of the attributes you need, such as slots to put deco objects
2.   Open in s3pe
3.   Open OBJD in Grid view
4.   Change ObjectTypeFlags to 0x00000050; Change WallPlacementFlags to 0x00004002
5.   Open package in TextureTweaker3
6.   Go to cutouts tab. Click "Add tile".
7.   Select first of the two new entries.
8.   Click "Edit Image". Click "Use Copy"
9.   Then "Import to Overwrite" a DDS image 128 high by 64 which is suitable for your wallmask.  Tutorials are around for wallmasks
10.   Repeat steps 8 and 9  with the second entry.
11.   You now have two seperate wallmask images, one cuts one side of wall, the other cuts the other side.  It is not compulsory to cut both sides.  If you do not want one side cut out, then make the alpha of that one solid white. Do not actually delete a wallmask.
12.   Shape and position your mesh, textures and slots as for any normal object, so that it relates to the wall in the way you want.
13.   The object will still be a whatever it was, with all the same menu options.  If this isn't desired, then edit the OBJK to use the ScriptClass of a sculpture or similar.

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