Lot closer/Walls by Bloom

When i saw this thread i decided to help these guys out.
This is a must have if you want to connect the walls between lots.

* All have 2 recolors, front and back while the top is part of the front recolour.
   If you rotate the walls the top will no longer match the color/pattern from outside/front wall, the reason that there is a left and right side.
* All are stackable with or without the use of floortiles.
* They can interact with other walls/fences/objects/stairs etc.

- 1 tile wall with placing footprint on the right
- 1 tile wall with placing footprint on the left
- 3 tile wall with placing footprint on the right
- 3 tile wall with placing footprint on the left

The basegame wall has a setup that hasn't been cracked yet so there are a few diffrences.
-You can not use wallpaper on these, you need to use the patterns.
-Light will not refelect as on the walls
-The basegame wall will leave a tiny gap when placing next to it, so you best start placing them one tile before the basegame wall ends.
-There is a bit brightness diffence, fix it with darken/lighten your pattern/color.
- i made correct pathing footprints for the walls but they gave me strange results.
While the right side walls work ok sims keep walking through the left ones, especially on the 1 tile version.
No idea how to fix this, use the 3 tile walls if you can.
-No need to say that you need to line up your lots properly to make the walls fit, do i? :)
-You can not place windows or doors in the walls.
-Your game can freeze up for a second, sims tend to have problems with finding the correct route!!


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