Modding tip: Combine those Descriptions! by CyberBob

I've found a nice way to combine descriptions for multiple objects within the same package.

1st, make a backup of your combined package.
Open the package you want to edit in s3pe.
Open the package in s3oc.
Open your backup package in s3pe.
Now, in s3oc select an object
(you will notice there is no description, but everything else will still be intact)
Click "Fix"
Uncheck everything except "compress"

Copy\Paste Name and Description from your old stbl to the object in s3oc.
Be sure to check "copy English to all Languages"
Click Start.

Now, just repeat that process for every object in the package
and you will have one STBL set for all the objects :)
For translations, just edit the correct stbl for that language.

Here's an example of a merged STBL created using this method:

Unknown1: 0x0000
Unknown2: 0x0000
Unknown3: 0x00000000
--- (0x4) ---

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